The schedule

Here is a schedule:

It's true that when somebody gives this to you, you don't know to what it is about and at what time are each period? To know everything, you have just to look up in a booklet that has been sent before the beginning of the school year in which we can find a page on the schedules that you can see below. The schedule above is a fall schedule, it's to say that it's a schedule for fall trimester. The schedules change each trimester. We can also notice at the bottom of the schedule: "Advisor: Marie Hicks". In fact, an advisor is a kind of main teacher (even if you don't have any class with this teacher) who follows the evolution of our grades, the effort made in class...etc. So this person makes sure the student has the best possible academic experience. Each student has an advisor and each teacher has several advisees, 5 at the maximum. Our advisor was Mme Hicks, French teacher in Kents Hill and also co-organizer of our trip.