A little bit of geography

Kents Hill is in the state of Maine (U.S.A.), about 15 miles west of Augusta.

Maine is just below Canada and is part of New-England, a region which contains the following states:

It is a very rural state of about 1 274 000 inhabitants (Census in 2000). There are 2 millions inhabitants in Boston and the suburb !
Area: 30862 miles²
Inhabitants per mile²: 41.3
The capital of Maine is Augusta with 18560 inhabitants but other cities are bigger:
The main transport link between Boston and Augusta is the turnpike I95. There is also an air link between Boston and Augusta.

Information about Maine demography

The journey Kents Hill - Augusta in details

On the map below, in red, the way to go from Augusta to Kents Hill.

We can notice that we have to go through Manchester and Readfield. They are little towns which are difficult to identify because there are many houses scattered a little bit everywhere on the journey. Only a density a little bit higher indicates the town. The signs indicating the town are not as visible as in France.