School Pictures

The school stretches over 15 hectares. We expected to find one big building as in France, but instead of that, we saw several little buildings in a huge space of greenery. The scenery is wonderful.
At the school entrance, neither gate nor fences, only this sign to inform:


The administrative building, Bearce Hall, the front hall is splendid. We can also find a few classrooms inside:


The boys' dorm, Sampson, where each one of us has been assigned a room that we shared with a roommate:

The girls' dorm, called Jacobs. A new dorm for girl will be built soon. On the right picture, Ricker Hall, on the first floor, the Bookstore, a little school store, and on the other floors, litterature, theatre, psychology and history classrooms:

Other views of the campus:

On the left, the other boys' dorm (for seniors), Davis. And on the right, Dunn, the sciences and modern languages building. In 2003, Kents Hill School received an award from the Siemens foundation for the quality of teaching maths and sciences. It has been the first school in Maine to receive this award.

The cafeteria

The cafeteria, called Masterman Union. Inside, the flags represent all the nationalities of the students at Kents Hill (hey, we can see a piece of the French flag!). The cooking is good, substantial and varied. Each student can follow the diet of his choice. We will keep a good memory of the brunch on week-ends with the omelettes (you can choose what you put in) that the German cook was preparing.

The Alfond Center

This center is a wonderful building where you can find, on the left, basketball and volleyball courts (admire the floor!).
In its central part, a fitness room and on the right side, an ice rink which was a great place not only for hockey players but also for many students.A school with an ice rink on the campus is not very common. The building has also locker rooms in the basement. The ice rink becomes tennis courts when the ice sports season is over.
It is a splendid center named after one of Kents Hill School's most generous donor.

The teachers live on the campus and are really involved in the school life. Two new houses are being built.
At each floor in the dorms, there is the accomodation for one (or even two) teacher and his family. His function is to keep an eye on us and to help us with our eventual problems. Very often, the entrance door of the apartment stays open.

The big space

Space, a lot of space to have a walk and practice sport. And a bench that has seen many students!

The outskirts

Next to Kents Hill, there is a little grocery store specializing in apples and cinnamon cookies. Their pastries are delicious. We were good customers.

Another part of the school which is a little bit further in the village, next to Torsey Lake. A ski-tow for the ski slope!
And let's not forget the traditional School Bus which we used to travel during our stay.

I also advise you to consult this on the school website: Virtual Campus Tour