Mountain day

One morning, as we had just got up, we discovered on the bathroom door:
Prepare your backpack, we meet in Colhoun room at 9.00am"
At the beginning, we wondered what we had to bring. We asked the American students, who didn't know it themselves ! So we dressed with practical clothes and we took a water bottle, a backpack, a camera, and we went to Colhoun room. There, we got assigned to a bus and we began the trip !
The weather was nice, a wonderful sunshine. It was surprising after the big rain of the day before ! After one hour of travel, we arrived at the bottom of the "mountain", which looked more like a big wooded hill. The entire school was there, students of course, teachers, directors... About ten buses were necessary to transport everybody. Then, everybody climbed during 45 minutes on a rocky and muddy road before arriving finally on the top. The sight was wonderful, the sea was at our feet with some islands and a little harbour.