Parents' eyes

Parents have access to an account on the Kents Hill website. They have the possibility of consulting many documents, especially the daily bulletin where they can find a lot of informations:

An example of a daily bulletin: Daily bulletin du 21 octobre 2005

You can also consult the week-end planning, sports...
There is another part where the parents can see their child's homework and for some classes, it's also possible to download some texts on which their child is working.

The school also informs parents by emails, newsletters and their daily update of the website:
All the sports results are often updated, the main events are written on the website.
In the website, we can find the school calendar and the sports calendar with everyday's event:
All the teachers have an email adress at school and it is quick and easy to contact them this way.
Rooms are equipped with ethernet plug-in and each student can have a computer in his/her room. 80% of the students have one. It's a good way to communicate with family and friends. There are many telephones in the dorms that the students can use. Matthieu used mainly his computer to communicate with another computer as well as with a land phone at a very low cost.


Trimesters are divided in two half-periods. At the end of the first one, a report is sent to the parents. This report is not presented like in France where all the subjects are on one sheet. In Kents Hill, there is one sheet per subject. This document is divided into three parts:

  1. The heading
  2. A summary of what has been studyied
  3. The assessment of the teacher on the student
We can notice that there is also a grade concerning just the effort made by the student during the period concerned (effort grade).