La semaine "Project Week"

Our first week was a little bit special. We arrived on Saturday September 3rd. Most of the other foreign students arrived on Sunday September 4th. American and Canadian students arrived on Monday 5th, the first day of the school year.

During this first week, we didn't have classes. It was a kind of immersion week which enabled us to get to know other students and teachers.

At Kents Hill, students are divided in 5 categories:

Each category has a different project week. Freshmen stayed at the campus, sophomores went to Acadia and seniors and PGs went to the mountain to do rafting and acrobranch. We were in the Junior category and we spent a few days in Camp Vega, a girls camp in summer. It was next to a lake and close to the school. In the summer, people in the camp can use the Kents Hill ice rink.
We could enjoy a lot of activities. For example:
During the Project week, everybody practiced three of these activities. We had to choose 6 activities and to classify them by order of preference, and we were put in groups for three different activities. Below are some pictures taken during this week which we won't forget:

It's not under a tent where we spent our nights, but in small wooden houses.

And finally, the last day, we went to Cabbage Island (2 hours by car and 45 minutes by boat) to eat the famous lobsters (speciality of Maine), 2 lobsters per student, what a delight! And for the ones who didn't like lobsters, they had half a chicken!