The "Soccer", european football

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, two hours of practice whereas we had a game on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We unfortunately couldn't take many pictures about this section because we were practicing soccer during these periods.
Here are some pictures of the american football training:

And some pictures of soccer training with first a run one turn and half around the field, then stretching around the central circle with the three captains in the middle. After, some exercises and also some short games.

My parents were able to take a few pictures of us during a game against Gould Academy in spite of the bad weather:

Game which we won 4-1. We can notice some strange mouths because of mouthguards which we had to wear during every game occuring in Maine.

All the team with our coach on the right Mr Patrick Mac Inerney and on the left his assistant Mr Scott King:

We had also the chance to film some games, here are some "best of" which we realized: