The Auction

The school organizes a fall week-end where parents, family and friends of students are welcome. It's the moment that Matthieu's parents chose to discover Kents Hill...
Kents Hill is a private school which has to raise money for its functioning. Some alumni are generous donors but all donations are welcome. On the occasion of this week-end, an auction is organized around a dinner. Calls for donations for this sale have been made on the Kents Hill website. You can see below in a few lines and pictures Mr and Mrs Tardivon's account of this evening in the Alfond centre.

We entered after paying the admission fee, 50 dollars for our couple + 15 dollars for our son.

The silent bids

Before the dinner, silent bids: the lots are arranged on tables and a sheet indicating the bid is placed beside them. We had just to put our name and our bid on the sheets. Everybody was moving from one table to another and bidding higher on items of interest. We could find all sorts of interesting things:

The evening was animated by the musical band and the chorale of Kents Hill.
Then we had the dinner:

All the service was done by student volunteers.

The Live Auction

The last auction occured after the dessert, under the supervision and the control of an auctionner (who was an alumnus). A little booklet enabled us to follow the sales and we noted some sums. Below, an extract of what was sold and at what price:

It was difficult to understand what the auctioneer was saying, he was speaking so fast! A little example of some seconds:

There was also a lottery, the winner received $2500 which he donated to the school.

This evening enabled us to meet: teachers, the Headmaster, and other parents. Opposite, the mother (French) of a student talking with the Headmaster and Matthieu. We were able to thank him for this exchange. He speaks French very well.

We met Brigitte, the very nice mother of Folla (soccer team player). Of Cameroonian origin, she lived in France for many years and obviously she speaks French perfectly. During this week-end, she invited us in her house, in Augusta. It was a moment that we won't forget! We immortalized all these moments with many pictures. She said she would like to come in Dijon during spring 2006, we really hope she will come and see us.