La vie à Kents Hill School

Every morning, a damned bell rang at 7.00am. Everybody was so tired that at the end nobody heard it. So, either we woke up at 7.00am and we went to the breakfast, or we woke up at 7.45am and we had just the time to get dressed, to prepare our bag and go to classes.
At the breakfast, we had the choice:

After the breakfast, we prepared for classes in dressing with the required clothes in Kents Hill, it's to say a good trouser (no jeans, no shorts), a shirt or a pullover (with a collar), and a tie (t-shirts mustn't be visible). The tie wasn't required on Wednesdays. And this dress code was only applied during classes, except on the days called "dress-down day", where we could pay 1$ to dress as we liked and 0.25$ to wear a hat. Money of "dress down days" was given to charities.

A school day

Each morning of classes was divided in four periods (three periods of 45 minutes and one period of 70 minutes), except on Wednesdays (three periods of 70 minutes and one period of 45 minutes). To know the schedule, just consult the schedule section. At 10.20am, all the school met in the chapel for "morning meetings", it is little meetings to talk about the current affairs in the school and in the world. These meetings occured on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays we had a little break instead whereas on Thursdays the meeting was subsituted by another one which was the "community life meeting". For this one, we met in little groups to discuss the main notions that we had to acquire, which were the prestigious principle of Kents Hill:

At midday we went to the dining hall for lunch, we had a lot of choices, that was very nice, in Kents Hill, we could really eat everything. Between 1.00pm and 1.20pm, students could go and see a teacher in his class so that he explains them what they didn't understand during the class.
Then we went back to classes for two period of 45 minutes, except on Wednesdays where we had only classes on the morning ; the afternoon was reserved for 4 hours of sports or a game. And so at 3.00pm, we had 30 minutes to prepare for two hours of sport.
The day over, a good shower, and we went back to the dining hall between 5.30pm and 6.30pm for the dinner.

Except on Thursdays where there was "family style dining", these particular dinners happened between 6.00pm and 7.00pm. For these special dinners, the dress code is formal dress, suit and tie for boys, and evening gown for girls (see the section Visit of the frenchies). In the dining hall, students are grouped by "advisors" (see the Schedule section), and before sitting down, grace was said and one question was asked, the tables who gave the right answer the quickliest could go to eat first. An information was also given to define the one who was going to clean his table, for example : "the one who lives the nearest to New York" or "the oen whose birthday is the nearest to Halloween". At the end of the dinner, it was sometimes possible to go in a near room where we could eat the dessert and also listen to a student playing piano.
After the dinner, we were free to do whatever we want until 8.00pm.

Between 8.00pm and 10.00pm, "study hall", we had to be in our room, and to study, review and do homework (a teacher was watching if we where working). Then we had 30 minutes of freedom before being forced to stay in our room, and then 30 minutes more before switching light off (seniors and PGs benefitted of 30 minutes more). During this period, students who had bad marks in one or several subject had to do their "study hall" in the dining hall under the watch and the help of teachers.
On Fridays evening, no study hall, we had he possibility to go to Augusta for going to the cinema or for shopping.

A week-end

On Saturdays, as we were in the soccer team, we had a game in the afternoon. Our only obligation on Saturdays morning was to respect the instructions of our coach, take a balanced brunch (meal which kind of a big breakfast but smaller than a lunch) and arrive at the meeting place at the right time.
After the game, if we had won, we had to ring the bell of Bearce hall together so that everybody knows our victory. Then a good hot shower was welcomed ! Then we watched on Internet the results of soccer games in Europe. The dinner was earlier, near 5.00pm, and after it was possible to go to Augusta as on Fridays.
The students who had the "luck" of finding their name on the detention list, had to go to the dinning hall from 7.00pm to 9.00pm to work, under the watching of some teachers.
On Sundays, no sports, "brunch" as on Saturdays and the possibility to spend the afternoon in Portland, Freeport or Augusta. In the evening, we had two hours of study hall to do our homework for the Monday.