The plane trip

From Paris to Boston, 7 hours of flight, we had the chance to be next to a window and we admired the clouds and the sea 3 000 feet under us.
Unfortunately, the screens didn't work and we could only listen to music.
Luckily, in a plane, the hostesses bring a meal which makes time go faster.
And the effect of the sun on the water, seen from the sky are really pleasant to admire:

The American coast is in sight

We are approaching, the first sights of the American coast. Oops, we hope that the pilot won't miss the land, we don't want to land on water.
Now, some views taken during the landing:

Finally, we have arrived ! We are in the U.S.A.!

Let's go to Kents Hill!

When we arrived at the Boston airport, a school employee was waiting for us to drive us to the school. A German student travelled with us. We used the I95 for many kilometers...sorry, many miles (1 mile = 1609 meters).
Boston - Kents-Hill, 3 hours and a half on American roads, wide and straight. There the speed is lower than in France but Americans have the right to pass a vehicle on the right.